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Microsoft on a Mac: Still a second class citizen

It’s been interesting being a Mac user over the last couple of years. We’ve gone from being very much left behind compared to our fellow Windows users to pretty much feature parity. Well that’s what the marketeers would have us

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Use TFS 2015 build to package your vsix extensions

As part of my currently role, I’ve been migrating from SharePoint 2010 to 2013 including moving the build/release process to TFS2015. I created some deployment scripts and some TFS build tasks to support the migration but wanted to package these as part of a build process. This post takes you through the process of using TFS 2015 to package your custom build tasks.

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My first Open Source Contribution

Ok, I think two firsts happened here, or are happening. First is that I made my first Pull Request to an Open Source project and second is that I think this is the first blog post about my thoughts on

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Bypass CORS from Chrome

On one of the projects I’ve been working on recently I needed to test against one of the API’s in the organisation. Adding my dev server to the list of allowed CORS URL’s for the API wasn’t possible but I

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Injecting Build Variables into an Angular App with VSTS Continuous Integration Builds

Introduction Following on from my previous post I wanted to add my build number to my Angular App so I can instantly see which build is deployed into each environment. You can of course take any of the build variables

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Using gulp tasks in Visual Studio Team Services to configure constants for an AngularJS app

Ok hands up, up until now this series has been very sparse in terms on Angular specific configuration. That’s about to change!! To recap, these are the posts so far in this series: Part 1: Use NPM and gulp build

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Deploy an Angular App to Azure App Services (Web App) with VSTS Continuous Integration Builds

This is the second post in this series and the post will pick up where we left off. Part 1: Use NPM and gulp build tasks to support Continuous Integration with VSTS and Azure for an AngularJS app Part 2:

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